Human Rights Day 2016 celebrated on 10th December








DR. Kamala Pati Thakur


St. Xavier’s High School (10+2)



 During the past many years our branch has been enthusiastically organising Human Rights day. A human Rights Day is a reminder of how undemocratic systems of government and abuse of authority can lead to injustice, atrocities and widespread abuses across the world, Human Rights rally more concerted global action to promote the timeless Principles that we have collectively pledged to uphold. We draw inspiration from the history of the modern human rights, which emerged from the Second World War. At that time champions from around the world joined forces at United Nations to enshrine these freedoms.

On 10th December, 1948 the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration, which set out thirty articles or statements about Human Rights and freedom that humans everywhere are entitled to.

Today, we reaffirm our commitment to protecting Human Rights as the Foundation of our work through our children our future. Children are resourceful citizens capable of helping to build a better future for all. Children should be heard and their ideas and opinions should be listened to. We must respect their right to express themselves and to participate in all matters affecting them, in accordance with their age and maturity. CMS believes that education must be concerned with the affairs of the age.

The aim behind this celebration is to inform the children about their human rights and to sensitize them about various issues regarding human rights. With these views in mind, we extend a warm and cordial invitation to all of you. We take immense pleasure to announce that we are going INTERNATIONAL this year. We look forward for your support and active participation to make the event a memorable one. This year, great surprises are in store in the form of a new and diverse range of activities, designed for both seniors and juniors. These innovative events will showcase a student’s prowess in a spirit which will be competitive. The details of these events are given in the brochure. Principals/Heads of institutions to be our support system in our first international endeavor. We look forward to enthusiastic participation in International Human Rights day 2016 ‘Raise Your Voice’ and make it a great success.




“A right is not what someone gives you;


It’s what no one can take from you.”

                                                          -Ramsey Clark




Primary (Age 8-10 years)

Juniors (Age 11 – 14 years)               Topic – “Child Labour”



Primary (Age 8-10 years)

Juniors (Age 11 – 14 years)               Topic – “My Dream World”



Junior (Age 11-14 years)                   Topic – “I m special.....”



Juniors (Age 11-14 years)

Seniors (Age 15-18 years)                  Topic – “If I were....”



Seniors (Age 15-18 years)                  Topic: “Compassionate Existence”


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