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 The word “SAHODAYA” drives from two Sanskrit words “SAHA” and “UDAYA” which means.....

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Activity 7 (World Ozone Day)

"The World  ozone day" will be celebrated on 10th September 2016.

Participants Category

Group A - I to V  Topic - Chart Making on "Ozone Day"

Group B - VI to VIII Topic - Speech On " How To Protect The Earth From The Sun Raye Effect ?"

Group C - IX to XII Topic - Essay Writing On "Effective method to protec....

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Activity Rules

Rules & regulations for Sahodya Competition


7. Rules for World Ozone day Competition

The competition will be held on Saturday 10th Sep, 2016. Registration will be started at 8 .30 A.M. onwards.
Participatory entries are confined to the short one

1. Time duration – 1 Hr.

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